quarta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2012

Blues flashing home

Blues back to me
're have u been boy?
Wanna say why?
Have u been away so long?

Buddy Guy is home once
Twice n maybe more
Know nothing else
're have u been boy?

Left home for nothing.
Left city und leute.
Just for your
Sweet Home Chicago?

Back again?
For leaving morrow?
Trust u no more.
Bitter u; better go; better leave

Better keep on the road
And away, away from me

We both, no more
U on your own
Me on my way
Clear way now
Bye bye boy
So long!

Paulo Cesar Fernandes

27  11  2012

During Stones "Shine a light" from Martin Scorcese while Buddy Guy s on the stage.

OK OK That s it!

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